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Like a stained-glass window, a slate counter is as much a work of art as a practical object. A Canadian-slate counter is equally suitable in a kitchen or a bathroom. Less porous then granite, it does not react to acid. In addition, it is resistant to heat an is easily renewed with sand paper and water. With our ‘’stained-glass’’ technique, we can produce whatever dimensions and shapes you require. The surface will be diamond brushed, and therefore will be soft to the touch, with a very soft texture, like leather, while at the same time being easy to maintain and use.
 Slate from India, China or Brazil contains pyrite, which oxidizes in contact with water, causing constant separation of layers. Slate from those countries is very porous and requires regular applications of sealant. Canadian slate does not pose these problems. It offers matchless durability.


  • Counters have a standard thickness of 13/8''.
  • The counter is placed directly on the cabinets, so there is no need  to put plywood underneath.
  • An oil treatment on the surface brings out the beauty of the stone.
  • Available in stained-glass style, single slab or in 5’’ x 5’’ tiles.
  • Sinks of the same material can be made to your specifications.