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As an element of decor, Canadian slate is remarkably versatile. It can represent an image of period décor or of bold modernity. It can withstand frost and heavy foot traffic. Slate from India, China or Brazil contains pyrite, which oxidizes in contact with water, causing constant separation of layers. Slate from those countries is very porous and requires regular applications of sealant. Canadian slate does not pose these problems. It offers matchless durability. Starting with a drawing of the floor area that you wish to cover, in our workshop our craftsmen will trim all the edges of each piece, to fit perfectly with the adjacent pieces of slate. Each piece of slate is numbered on the back. The overall design is then traced and numbered on a sheet of fiberglass mesh. Later the plan is stapled on your floor surface. Then each piece of slate is glued in place on the matching number. Thus you will have precise cuts and reduced installation time with less noise or dust. If you wish to design your own set of shapes, you may purchase the slate in its raw form.


  • Slate used in flooring has a calibrated thickness of  5/8”.
  • The subfloor must have two layers of 5/8’’ plywood, glued screwed together or put directly onto unpainted cement.
  • It is Ideal on a heated floor. Slate retains the heat and slowly release it.
  • Since Canadian slate is non-porous, sealant is not obligatory, but an application brings out the rich colors of the stone.

Available in strips of various lengths, in 10’’x 10’’ tiles, in modular tiles (a pattern of different sizes) or in their original flowing shapes, they offer a multitude of possibilities